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Our Founding Manifesto

We want to initiate changes, create the initial spark and spread the sparkle, with enthusiasm, with strength. With utmost determination.

We hold nature and natural beauty as one of the highest values, and sources of inspiration, and we want to contribute to the wave of conscient human behaviour that is bringing sustainability at the centre of the debate. We enjoy and want to preach the enjoyment of the pleasures that living on this earth, brings us. We believe that heightening the sensibility to life is a cornerstone of happiness and success. We want to bring forth abundance, through increasing the awareness of the abundance in each of our lives and each of our companies.

We are students of life, love to question, love to enquire and to keep an open mind. We would love to help others to do the same, and to create spaces were thinktanks can happen, were they occur naturally. We believe that including different points of view is a necessary part of the process of informed decision making, and that diversity is a key function of the success of this step.

Within every organisation, from the family to the state, and of course the private enterprise, there are informal structures that arise and need to be taken into account. We care for the soft structures, and for the soft power that fuels and directs them. We refer to the informal structures of care and collaboration that arise as soon as a group is formed. We believe that taking care of the health of the underground waters of our relations, is an important part of applying emotional intelligence to improve the dynamics of any social structure, from a business to a country, to the planet.

We want our venture to shine, to become a referent in the sector of consulting. Becoming a referent, becoming a leader in the sector, wearing a crown, serves as a way to spread. In our case, what we want to spread is the confidence in each of our capacities to shine, to bring those capacities from being potentials to manifesting and pushing forth ventures and adventures. We want to coach the managers and leaders that want to excel in their roles, that want to go above and beyond to make sure they are wearing the crown responsibly. Being a leader requires know how, wearing a crown entails responsibilities, the main of which is to be useful, to serve. To facilitate connections through mindful leadership, seeing the bigger picture and caring for all the group.

As women, as humans, we believe in the vital importance of health, in all of its manifestations. Health, is taking care of each individual to ensure the success of the community. We know that for health to happen, harmony needs to be in place, and the job of installing and maintaining harmony requires attention to details, great dedication and a mindset were caring is key. Putting care and detail in the way we treat ourselves and others as humans, in the way we approach our responsibilities, and in the way we strive to understand the importance of cycles and fluxes within the structures, internal and external. Corporate Social Responsibility is entering the centre of the debate, is driving consumer forces and is to be included in any healthy organisation.

With our services, we facilitate the process that leads to balance, by putting forward the strengths and weaknesses and allowing everyone to see the other as equal, and thus to reach an agreement. This intellectual part of the process of decision making requires the team to properly use intelligence, of the rational and of the intuitive sort. Developing the ability to appreciate the strength and weaknesses of ourselves and others brings us closer to equilibrium, helps to stop the stumble.

Our work is concerned with the death and birth of structures. We want to open the closets, and put some order, and for this we believe in putting on the table the complicated matters of power, passion, money and resource management, sacrifice, pain, heritage, control for an instructive and constructive conversation. This is another key element of the process of informed decision making,

Our mission is to inspire, teach, motivate, dig deep to understand and then shoot for the stars. We want to help set direction, define the focus. Our process and our know-how is based on slow fire cooking, on maintaining the embers below the pot, on maintaining and spreading the enthusiasm. Travelling the world to do so.

We have grown in the spirit of hard work, keeping the feet on the ground and understanding that in order to manifest any vision the laws of the matter need to be mastered. Setting the appropriate limits and boundaries, installing and caring for the formal structures, the protocols, is as important as caring for the soft structure that lies within this harder limits. We have a result oriented outlook, and believe that setting the appropriate self checks, quality controls, tests, is the way to keep and unbiased look that is also part of the informed decision making process. Feet on the ground, and eyes on the prize.

Our talent is to see the net, that connects the dots. We believe in building successful networks, connecting talents, keeping an eye on the bigger picture to help keep the objective in perspective. Making sure the harmony of the organisation flows and trickles up and down the global value chain, building strong relationships with all stakeholders. Making the net shine, while caring for the individuality and value of each dot is a pretty close shot at freedom.

We hope that our ideas will reverberate throughout the membrane, and will allow us all to foster union, empathy and a feeling of connection to one another. Transcending separation and teaching what all mothers and godmothers represent, we come from union, let us never forget.

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