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Our Mission

We believe that intellectual, emotional and cultural intelligence are all equally fundamental for the success of modern organisations, and we advocate for balanced leadership styles that nurture environments where communication and collaboration are the central pillars of success. 

We  use our influence as a possibility to contribute to the development of a more socially conscious private sector

By providing profitable, sustainable and value-driven strategies and implementation programs, we help our partners not only to surmount organisational obstacles, but to implement successful and long-lasting changes in their corporate structures and cultures

Our Values

We believe that any solid project must be built upon a strong foundation of values, in order to make sure every step is aligned with the objective in both content and form. The values we hold at the core will serve as a compass to help with the decision-making process, and to make sure that we never sail astray.

Have a look at our Founding Manifesto.


Our Assets

Our value, what we can offer to the world, is the product of our experience and research. Our capacity to see you and align with you, inspire you and be the external eye you need to rethink your situation. We can then, if you will have us, help you implement those changes with our training programs for executive, management, and staff teams. 

Therefore, the minds and hearts of our team members are our biggest assets.

Abstract Background

Anja Pascolo

Consultant - Trainer and Coach (ACC)


As a member of the core team, Anja has designed and implemented change processes at several multinational and European companies including the Daimler-Benz Group (Mercedes Benz, Deutsche Airbus, Deutsche Aerospace) as well as in some of the leading family-based Italian interior design and high-end fashion companies, including the Rubelli Group in Venice.

She enjoys a long relationship with the 24Ore Business School in cooperation with the University of Parma, where she lectures on her core topics: “Strategic Marketing & Analysis of Competition”, “Luxury & Design” and “Ready for the business – Working with Emotional Intelligence”.


Since 2004, Anja has been certified as Executive Coach by The Change Partnership Coaching Academy in Milan. Following her Master in Business Administration (MBA) at the Business School CUOA Vicenza, she pursued further certifications in Health Coaching by the American Dr. Roy Martina as well as the Professional Coach Program at the Future Coaching Academy in Milan. Anja is Associate Certified Coach (ACC) of the International Coach Federation (ICF).


“In my 20 years of international business experience, it has always been my mission and goal to coach people and to help them achieve their best possible performance. To me, this is all about making people aware of their interaction with themselves and with their professional and private environment. The most important assets, behind all marketing & sales strategies, budget numbers and targets, are, without a doubt, the people themselves.”


-Anja Pascolo

IMG_0900 copia.png
Abstract Background

Anna Sekou

Consultant -Trainer - UX Designer


Business consultant focused on the development of communication strategies that integrate the User Experience Design point of view, for the optimisation of the communication flows within and around organisations. In an increasingly virtual economy, the need to properly convey the value of an organisation virtually, is a competitive requisite. Through well-designed communication and user experience strategies, organisations can make the most out of their human and intellectual resources, making sure that the experience of the user and the appearance of the infrastructure is optimal at every stage of the value chain. 


Anna has started practising consulting by guiding the creation of the business structure of creative ventures.

She has developed all-inclusive communication strategies for creative startups, that served as a vehicle to position artists and designers into their markets, grow their professional and client networks, and transform their skills into a marketable value. 


Professional experience in the business sector (marketing and sales), has allowed the understanding and development of social intelligence and the ability to communicate effectively. Specialization in User Experience (UX) Design, enables one to understand and create the structures through which communication is transmitted so that the message is perceived effectively, resulting in a satisfied internal and external user (human resources and customers). In this way, corporate communication is conceived in its totality and can be conveyed as much through the physical presence as in the virtual dimension.


"Organizational structures and processes designed with a user-centric approach are more efficient in providing a structure in which the value of each participant is catalysed and expands to its greater potential. They are also more sustainable, since they provide for a healthier work environment.

My approach to Strategic Business Development is influenced first and foremost by my background as a UX Designer; that teaches us to rethink our Creations (products, services, processes and organizational structures) with the end-user in mind. "


-Anna Sekou


Social Responsibility

Gratitude, respect and honesty are the cornerstones of our framework. We wouldn't want to miss the opportunity to give back to our community in the best way we know, offering our talent. 

We dedicate a portion of our client portfolio to pro bono work, in order to give guidance and tools for development to those who need it the most. Every year, we select a number of projects based on their socioeconomic impact, giving preference to projects that strive to maximize positive externalities. We hope to blow some wind in the back of brilliant entrepreneurs who despite all the external constraints are fighting to fulfil their call while uplifting their community with them.


Our References

We pride ourselves in having happy clients, that can speak well of our quality, commitment, and the value of our contributions to their organizations. Our combined client portfolio speaks for itself. 

Ametek Italia S.r.l, Milano

Azucena S.r.l., Milano 

Business Partners S.r.l, Forlì

Canon Europe AG, München

Corrente Beratungsdienste (EAP) AG, Kiel

Daimler Chrysler AG, Stuttgart  

Deutsche Airbus GmbH, Hamburg

Deutsche Aerospace AG, München

Deutsche Aerospace AG, Washington

Donghia Inc., New York

FeST S.r.l.-Teatro La Fenice, Venezia

Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venezia

Guadarte S.l., Sevilla

Hosteando, Sevilla

Il Sole 24Ore Business School

Massa&Marti Design, Milano

Mercedes-Benz AG, Stuttgart

Nannini Group S.r.l., Firenze

Partners S.p.a., Milano

Piazza Sempione S.r.l., Milano

Punto Ciemme S.r.l., Venezia

Punto Confindustria S.r.l., Venezia

Rotaliana S.r.l, Trento

Rubelli S.p.a., Venezia

Sarah Guldberg Atelier, Sevilla

Save - Airport Marco Polo S.p.a, Venezia

Speedline-Ronal Group AG., Venezia

Sergio Pascolo Architects, Venezia

TFF Engineering S.r.l., Venezia

Università degli Studi di Parma

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